Nice to meet you, I’m Lana Peacock

I was born in the Ukraine, a beautiful country with a 1500-year-old history and culture, and wonderful, hard-working people.

About lana 3My life in the Ukraine
Most of my life I lived in Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. While I held a degree in engineering, my love and passion was always for classical music. I studied at Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine for five years and earned a Master’s degree in Musicology and Piano.
I built my career in publishing musical literature. While working as a department head at the Ukrainian National Musical Publishing House, I met a lot of talented musicians and helped them create and publish their books and musical pieces. I also had another passion: as a host on the Ukrainian National TV, for over 10 years I had the privilege of sharing my knowledge about the world musical culture.

At that time, I was also facing my biggest challenges.  I was recently divorced and with an 8-year-old daughter and the economy in my country was going downhill.  As a result, the Publishing House closed down. I came face to face with financial difficulties and having to provide for my little girl! My thoughts were jumping from one crazy idea to another. I had a big vision which included a small private publishing house, helping gifted children with their education and providing grants to talented kids to further their talents in arts and music. I shared the idea with some of my friends and received no support. I had no support from the government either, no money to start and no office! Bus through hard work, lots of perseverance and God sent people, I was eventually able to bring my dream to reality and start my charity fund and a publishing house.

The situation in my country worsened, however. Every following year was getting more difficult than the previous one. One late night, I got a call from an old friend who had left the Ukraine for the US many years ago. He said, “I won a Green Card for you, so you and your daughter can legally come live in the US.” The news was really shocking! I couldn’t even dream of anything like that, but it felt right and I was ready to go. A year later my 14-year-old daughter, our 6-year-old German Shepherd, and I landed in JFK and started our lives from scratch.

My life in the US
About lana 2In the beginning, life in the US was challenging. I was teaching piano, working another job and taking English classes. But an unexpected turn changed my life a few years later. I met someone wonderful and was married within a year.
At some point, one of my new friends introduced me to an MLM company. The value of residual income and an advantage of working from home grabbed my attention right away. I knew I could help people and quickly build a team. I joined the company with no knowledge or experience. I had no idea how to find the right company or how to market it.  “Word of mouth” was the only approach I was being taught.  My “up-lines” kept telling me if I had a big enough “WHY”, I would be very successful.

I attended business groups, talked to people I knew, and cold called people to promote my business opportunity. I was working hard and not seeing many results, blaming myself for not having any success. I changed companies a few times and looked for better product, better compensation plan, better training. This experience helped me to establish criteria for what a business model should look like when selecting a company for a home business. Finally, I found a great company, but ironically, it was not an MLM!

Having learned how to find the right company, the next step was learning how to market myself and attract people, instead of me reaching out to them. I realized that while the company and the product are very important, MARKETING IS ESSENTIAL!  It’s extremely difficult to build a solid business without marketing it properly and effectively online and offline.
It took a while, but I found a very successful mentor who was a master in attraction marketing through the Internet…  Exactly what I wanted to do! And here I am with my BLOG!

Now I’m ready to share my knowledge with you.

If you are ready to try, please let me know how I can help YOU.  I’ll do my best for YOU!

Lana Peacock

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